SDRC is run by SANS certified Data Recovery professionals. Our experts have over 10 years of full time data recovery experience. We are passionate in what we do and we continually invest our time and resources to learn new skills and master latest tools. We focus on providing excellent service and higher recovery rate for our customers....
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We help our customers to recover lost data safely and securely. The recovered data is stored in an encrypted storage. Our network is protected with professional security systems to prevent hacking or data theft. We also sign up Non-disclosure agreement with customer to safeguard customer data privacy. Once recovery is complete and customer verified their data, we securely erase from our storage systems....
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We focus on building trust and provide excellent service. We understand customer's pain of data loss. We provide assurance and support until customer gets back their lost data. For us customer is more important than mere profit. We know happy customers refer to their friends and colleagues and bring more business....
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  • “… In addition to the technical expertise displayed in recovering lost data, service offering was focused on building trust and providing re-assurance of data confidentiality to a customer like me…”

    - Sameer Phanse
    Hewlett-Packard, Singapore
  • “… extremely pleased that everything was recovered. SDRC saved important business and research data. Thank you for your excellent service … ”

    - Kamarudin Osman
    Rolls Royce, Singapore
  • “… 2 out of 3 hard disks failing simultaneously on a server is really rare case. I thought we really run out of luck. I was extremely happy when SDRC told me that data could be recovered up to 99%. SDRC was very professional and explained clearly the process of the recovery so that we as a customer was very confident that they can do the job well…”

    - Bryan Teo
    Stone Forest IT

Data Recovery Experts

If the data that is lost is important, then it is critical to find experts with good knowledge in data recovery. IT departments and IT service companies do not have required skills and tools to perform complicated data recovery operations.

Look for companies that just provide data recovery services and nothing else. Most IT companies that claim to provide data recovery services do not have enough time and resources to master skills and tools necessary for successful data recovery.

At SDRC we invest 30% of our time and resources to acquire latest DR skills and tools. With our continuous investment in training and tools we offer superior DR services with higher recovery rate.

Our Clients