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Data loss is a painful scenario. Trust us. At the time of data loss you will need absolute experts to recover back your lost data. At SDRC we focus on providing best possible chance of recovery. We handle each case separately and focus our best resources and attention to recover back lost data. You can have absolute peace of mind on our ability to recover back your lost data.

For best possible recovery experience we focus of major three areas of recovery. Tools, Expertise and Service.


Storage market is constantly evolving. Storage capacity is doubling every year. The average capacity of hard disk in 2005 was 100GB, after 10 years it is 4000GB. The complexity of storage technology also increases with hard disk storage. With new Solid State drives the game is changing. As a data recovery company we need to constantly update our tools to keep in pace with the changing storage technology. We update our tools to be ready to work with any kind of storage old or new.


Tools are good, but expertise is more important to use the tools in the right way. We constantly upgrade ourselves with training and feed ourselves with data recovery tips and tricks from wide variety of sources. We also have internal knowledge base to keep track of all our best practices. With this detailed knowledge base the recovery is faster. Knowledge base helps us preserve and push expertise to next level. With better expertise we have higher chance of recovery.


This is the heart of our company. What good is a restaurant with world class chef and food, but service is so bad that you cannot enjoy the food. Service ties tools and expertise to provide great experience for our customers. Majority of our business do not come through advertising or marketing, it is from our satisfied customers who refer other customers. Our growth was from excellent service more than anything else. We take pride in what we do and one way of showing is to take care of our customers right from the start of the service. We provide free pickup and delivery, whether recovery is done or not. We also provide free analysis, whether recovery is done or not. We feel it is not right to charge, when recovery is not done.

Trust SDRC, we provide best possible recovery experience for you.

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