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Hard Disk Recovery


Singapore Data Recovery Centre is a data recovery company with more than 12 years of data recovery expertise. We deal with all kinds of data recovery from hard disk recovery to optical media data recovery.

How experienced are we in Hard Disk Recovery?

Singapore Data Recovery Centre or SDRC has been in the field of data recovery for more than 12 years now. This gives us the supreme advantage of dealing with all kinds of recovery media from Solid State Drives (SSD), Flash Drive, SD Card, CF card to Micro SD card drives.

Indicating that we have years of experience is not going to cut it for a client to do business with us and that is where the huge clientele of SDRC comes in. We have dealt with many MNC’s needing hard disk recovery services. Companies like AIA, Rolls Royce, Hewlett Packard (HP), Philips, Stone forest, and much more consult SDRC for data recovery services.

How can we help you in Data Recovery?

There are three major pillars that we stand on to help you in your hard disk recovery process.

  1. State-of-the-art tools
  2. Flawless experience and expertise
  3. Client-first service

State of the art tools:

With the evolving trend in hard disk storage solutions, we upgrade ourselves to industry standards. Our team is constantly on the lookout to upgrade our tools to the latest standards. This is to ensure that we get your hard disk recovery process done, fast and secure.

Tools are a crucial part of the hard disk recovery process and so is the quality with which we buy those tools. Resources acquisition required for flawless hard disk recovery is one of the major practices that SDRC upholds. This helps us in giving our clients top-notch hard disk recovery services.

Flawless experience and expertise:

To provide the best in hard disk recovery services, you need to have the best experience in the same. Our team is equipped with years of experience dealing with clients with all kinds of requirements. Along with experience, the team here at SDRC has the best of the best expertise in hard disk recovery making sure there is no room for error. This combined profile of good experience and first-class expertise enables SDRC to provide its clients with the best possible hard disk recovery solution.

Client first service:

SDRC always believes that growth comes with trust. This is one of the major reasons why SDRC puts the client first before anything. With policies that promote client-first services, we have been able to pull off more than 2800+ data recoveries in a year on average.

With affordable price tags with the services, clients have the upper hand in getting the best-in-class hard disk recovery service.

So How do we start Hard Disk recovery?

The hard disk recovery process starts with you approaching us with your needs. Based on the quotes and planning for your particular requirement, the hard disk recovery starts.

The Acquisition Step:
There are two ways that SDRC deals with when it comes to the acquisition of the hard disk after we receive the order.

  1. We can arrange a free pickup from your place.


  1. You can drop the hard disk at our office at a fixed time by appointment.

The analysis step:

We analyze your hard disk to find out the root problem and plan out the recovery process. Once the analysis is done (1-day process), we will give out the price involved in the data recovery and the time to complete the recovery.

The hard disk recovery step:

We map the complete step by step procedure involved in your hard disk recovery process. With that in place, we start the service on your hard disk and start recovering the lost data.

The completion step:

Once the data recovery is complete, we will require a backup disk from your end. Once we receive the backup disk, we upload the recovered data and send it back to you.

Hard Disk data recovery varies from client to client. This means that the timeline and the pricing also vary according to that. For more info on pricing, visit the pricing section of our website.

With the data recovery done with precision and control, we will ensure that the service that you receive is top-notch.

FAQ about Hard Disk Recovery:
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