About Us

Singapore Data Recovery Centre (SDRC) was born as a small startup to service our customers experiencing data loss. We started recovering data for SME’s and increased our coverage to individuals, MNCs and government bodies.

Excellent Service

SDRC grew rapidly through referrals from satisfied customers. We also had repeated business from MNCs with few thousand employees. We focus on providing excellent customer service and in putting our best effort to help recover lost data.

No Data No Charge

We believe the customer need not pay if the recovery is unsuccessful ( in the event of severe platter damages). We were the first company to offer (and still offering) free pickup and delivery, even if the customer decided not to do the recovery. We stick to this principle that if the customer did not get their data back, we don’t get paid.

Data Safety

We provide data recovery for financial institutions and legal companies in according to their strict data privacy requirements. We manage end to end data safety. We securely and permanently purge recovered data from our storage systems to safeguard our customer data privacy.

Tools & Training

Storage media is a rapidly changing field. Every few months the technology changes and faster, larger and more complicated storage systems evolve. We believe that it is important to keep ourselves updated with latest information. We invest 30% of our resources in training and tools. With better knowledge and tools, we provide better recovery rate for our customers.

Certified DR Experts
Certification courses provide in-depth knowledge and better DR skills. Certification provides our engineers with confidence and authority in handling specific storage systems. It takes more time and energy to undergo certification process, in the end it is all worth it for our customers.

We understand that losing data is a painful situation and we help our customers in every way to get their data back.

We take pride and delight in our ability to get back precious photos and critical data back to our customers.

Client Testimonials

  • Great job done. I am very happy that you are able to recover 100% of my lost photos and videos. Thank you

    - Tommy Tang
  • I panicked when my new accounting server crashed and took with it all our accounting data. We had no backup and we were not prepared for the crash. Thank you so much for recovering our critical business data

    - Robert – CLA Design
  • All my research data for past two years disappeared when my external hard disk crashed. Thanks for your effort in recovering my lost data. You saved days of my hard work

    - Vincent Ho